I’m Martin. Sometimes, I do use the shorthand MaHo, and have a number of handles on other websites and systems.

At day, I work as an IT consultant, working hard to make development and business teams work more efficiently. In that role, I also stand in as a full-time Jira administrator.

At night, I play Pen-and-Paper RPGs and boardgames. I calm down by dabbling around with puzzles and by picking locks. I do paint miniatures and have the dream of one day having done that one, perfect space marine.

I am interested in personal improvement, in philosophy and in hacker culture. I have started playing the Ukulele.

I believe in individual freedom and liberty of conscious beings and reject any policy wielded by any group to limit these basic and immutable human rights.

Version: 3.1
GCM/IT d()>- s(+)>+:(+) a C++(+++)$ ULC+++(++++)>++++$ P+++>$ L+++(+++)$ E+()>$ W++$ N+>$ !o K-? w++(++)$ !O !M !V PS+(+)@>+ PE(+)>+ Y+(++)>+ PGP+(+) t+++(+++)@>++ 5+++(+++)>+++ X+(+) R+(+) tv--(--) b++(+++)@ DI+++(+++)>++ D++ G+ e++(++)>++ h+ r y?@