is no more.

For those who have no idea what I am talking about - was one of these early webcomics, following a rag-tag of late-1990s, early-2000s techies working at a mid-sized “Internet service provider” (a term that has changed a lot in meaning since then), peppered with commentary about the industry, general geek culture and society as a whole.

Back then, UF was fairly popular with the scene - fans translated strips to their own languages, there was a fanclub with cards (signed by the creator himself), O’Reilly had a UF-Themed book (explaining how to reach world domination…), the forum spawned interesting discussions among likeminded people. For many of us, checking in tot he day and reading the UF strip was a ritual just like getting the first coffee.

At some point, the strip went on hiatus … it had reruns since then. Twice it brought new material… and now it is gone.

This is a sad day, but I can’t reasonably be angry - the page ran for half a decade with not much new input, and we all had our chance… so all I can say is thank you, Illiad, for all the good memories you created.