HackerNews discusses ethical software engineering, and when to walk away from a job. It’s a good read and should be a basis on defining your own red lines.

You need a license for anything these days. Including engineering. Noteworthy in this case is that Mr. Nutt did not actually change an existing piece of hardware, or implement a new one, he dared to have a professional opinion about an existing system that was based on his long-established background in engineering in front of a judge. Examples like these should remind us that almost all licenses (or, as they are called in IT: “mandatory certifications”), with the exception of medical licenses are first and foremost an instrument to keep competition out and to silence critics.

In an article that’s a bit older, Samo Burja explains why YouTube is transformative - it’s all about easily-accessible education on all the topics of the world / and it’s true: all I know about car maintenance I know thanks to YouTube.

The UK will stop using coal for power in 2024, twelve years earlier than some of it’s European neighbors. It’s refreshing to see that some countries take this whole climate thing seriously (and if we’re honest, that is in part possible that unlike some other countries, the UK remains invested in nuclear power).