I made a little thing: Nexttrash: https://github.com/MHohenberg/NextTrash

I kept forgetting to push the trashcan out to the street for collection all the time. Even when I keep remembering, with several different trash collection types, I did not optimize purging and cleanup based on when it is most efficient to get rid of stuff - I might have remembered to take out paper trash, but I didn’t know about it three days in advance to truly fill down that bin.

I also open a new console about fifty times a day, often more.

Why can’t my computer remind me - again and again and again - when the trash is due?

My trash collection service - the Abfallwirtschaft Hohenlohekreis - offers trash collection dates in many different formats, one of them being an ics calendar file. I know other trash collection services in my state do as well. So the easiest, least work-prone way to do this is downloading the correct ics file, and putting a small python script that reads said file into my .zshrc.

It works like a charm, does it’s job well … and it is potentially useful for others (with minor adjustments). And ever since, I didn’t miss a collection date.

I guess in the end it all comes down to conserving those precious brain cycles and attention spans.