I have been working as a Jira Administrator for quite some time now. So it was time to get certified.

I have the big luck that my office is virtually next to a Krypterion Testing center, so that came in handy. With taxes, the test came out at around 300 USD, I also bought the Atlassian Prep course and Certkiller’s test battery… I gave myself three weeks to train, but in reality did very little prep because of involvement in business projects.

The test itself was harder than I had expected, but the 180 minutes are plenty to do a first run over the 70-odd questions, then review those you are unsure about (the test allows you to mark answers for later review).


  • Know your stuff. I don’t think you need the 2-3 years suggested in the Atlassian Documentation on the test, but do have a look especially at documentation of the parts you are not regularly using in your environment.
  • I found the Prep Course to be incompatible my style of learning. It’s essentially a narrated slideshow that’s describing what topics you should know, but it doesn’t go into the topics themselves and refers to reading the documentation.
  • What was useful was Certkiller’s PDF of some 180 questions - I have no idea where they come from, but would guess they were official at some point. Learning them by heart doesn’t help much, the test battery is too large for that, but it prepares you for the style of questions and is useful in doing a rehearsed test.