• So I got my ACP-100 done

    I have been working as a Jira Administrator for quite some time now. So it was time to get certified.

  • Resurrecting the WizKid

    I was that kid in the late 1980s who dreamed in BASIC and who could list you ten reasons why the Commodore family of homecomputers were superior to IBM compatibles out of his head. Once I got my hand on a computer, I almost immediately started to learn how to program. Sure, there were games, but to me, computers were always about getting that grey machine do something new, teaching it to perform new tricks. It was a done deal that I would eventually work with computers for a living eventually… and because of the ideas of the 1990s, obviously I would be immensely rich (because that’s what nerds at that time were supposed to end up as).

  • dotfiles belong in a repository

    If you are a Unix afficiado like me dotfiles are the little configuration helpers that make the world run just right for you. Often you’ve tweaked them just right for months and months … and getting the system to work such well-oiled again after a crash will be troublesome.

  • meta information for technical articles

    How often have you searched for a fix for a technical problem, found a link, only to find out - often after some unsuccessful cursing - that the text was about version Hammurabi II and the world (and your software) has moved on?

  • A fresh start

    I have been maintaining websites on and off for several years, starting at the web’s infancy in the mid-1990s. In recent years, these websites disappeared because of a variety of reasons, sometimes because I lost interest, sometimes because hosting providers disappeared, often because I lost data. For a while, I worked as an SEO consultant. Eventually, I lost interest in webmastering and writing - stuff became too complicated to “look good” - a metric that at some point in time was important to me. Around the same time, we saw the creation of the framework, often masqueraded as “content management systems”, which - badly designed - became the major way to hand control of your server to some east-european hacker collective. I now see how misguided this overreliance on graphics, on clicks and on the flashy side of the net is.